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Together for a better Soccer

Messaggio  Admin il Gio Ago 21, 2008 6:17 pm

In Castellammare di Stabia, Naples, stay borning a new 11 players soccer team from draw up in the Terza Categoria Neapolitanian campionship of F.I.G.C. from the sportive season 2008-2009 with start at 9 November 2008.

Terza Categoria is the ten and last division of F.I G.C. (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio; Soccer Play Italian Federation;).

First objective: keep, in advance, promotion to Seconda Categoria why the rose of players is composed from young esperienced players come, at least, to other teams of Terza Categoria and they want show your value in and out of the field, at the sign of maximum fluency.

The new team will have the denomination of Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica ATLETICO STABIA (Amateurish Sportive Association ATLETICO STABIA), more commonly denominated ATLETICO STABIA.

ATLETICO STABIA have the Red and the Blue like your social colours, like in the logo, the first uniform is composed in vertical lines Red and Blue with logo embroidered ath the center, shorts in Blue color, names and number in Gold Yellow or Ocra Yellow.

Actual project forecast the realization of Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica ATLETICO STABIA , what for articles of association can not follow lucrative aims but only those are necessaries for made its exist and carry on itselve.

The Association is managed in observance of C.O.N.I. (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano; Italian National Olympic Committee;) and of F.I.G.C., federation that we will request the affiliation.

The project copy an already existent project in England, defined Supporter Trust.

With the Supporter Trust come create a control group of least 20.000 partners what pay an annual associative quote and take, minimum, the 51% of the property of an real soccer team becoming all, really, Managers and Trainers.

We have copy an project based on Supporter Trust but proposed here in Italy with the opportun conforming for respect italian laws.

At the Italian project partecipate us too.

English project, Italian project and our project are based in similar manner at the diffused sharing.

The great difference is what our project is for made a competitive new soccer team, financially robust, instead to enter in your managing and we start in an amateur series but with how much ambition and determination in the arrive at soon as possible in D series, keep every jear respective promotions to superior series with the maximum engagement for succeed in its.

For teh our Association are sufficient a minimum of 1.000 partners for be already economically flourishing and competitive in field.

The fist exercise will be closed in positive.

The players of our team are amateurs and cash an how much little salary for theyr expences for the athlet life and prizes for obtain the promotion to the superior series.

Foreigners associated must be 18 years old, from one day at least.


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